“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, add gratitude and generosity to sweeten your journey.”
– Sissy Smith, Gifted Coin Founder

When a life-changing event in 2012 left Sissy Smith with a traumatic brain injury, she could have just given up.  Instead, she took that experience and turned it into a passion for giving and helping others.  She wanted to create a platform where individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations could turn to for socially-responsible online fundraising.  Other crowdfunding sites were crowded with too many projects without a common thread to them.  So she took her new-found zest for life and started working on developing GiftedCoin.

Gifted Coin is a new online fundraising brand dedicated to giving crowdfunding a good name by vetting and curating authentic projects for people with life-changing needs or a passion to help worthy causes. (Think GoFundMe meets values, responsible vetting, and a social good mission.) Gifted Coin is the first brand to require their members to agree to community values and gift 1% from their fundraisers to a Gifted Community fund.  The Gifted Community fund then supports additional worthy causes and keeps the principal focus of “Get and Give” alive within the company culture.

“Landing at the Accelerator has helped boost Gifted Coin’s connection to resources and the entrepreneurial community. It’s great to know that Naples is keen on helping startups thrive,” said Smith.

Recently, with the destruction Southwest Florida faced from Hurricane Irma, Gifted Coin has partnered with several local and national based organizations and offered to host their fundraising efforts through GiftedCoin. At this point, Smith is looking for individuals, businesses, and non-profits that are looking to start an online fundraising project.  Unlike other online fundraising platforms, there is no risk of not meeting your funding goals or unreasonably short campaign timelines to meet.  Those interested in beginning an online fundraising project with Gifted Coin should watch the video below reach out directly to Smith at 954.562.9660.

Welcome to Gifted Coin from Gifted Coin on Vimeo.