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The FGCU Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is an integral part of our membership network.  Thankfully, Cathy Haworth, our SBDC Consultant who works out of the Accelerator, recently taught a lunch and learn event on creating an effective business plan.

If you’re wondering why you need a business plan, consider these few reasons having an effective business plan can be critical to your success.

An effective business plan can:

  • Provide a “road map” for your new or existing business
  • Be a document to discuss and give to potential investors, partners, customers, suppliers, and others interested in your business
  • Assist you in making company decisions based on your plan or adjust the plan to reflect your changing environment

To learn more about how to develop the best business plan for your website, download Cathy’s presentation below or contact us to learn more about how the Naples Accelerate can help your business achieve new heights.

Download PDF (2MB)